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IOU Ecosystem - money by & for people
Mutual p2p exchange with IOU tokens instead of money!
Issuers can create their own IOU, tokenized promissory notes, backed by value; goods and or services.
interchained with DisPOS
IOUswap - Uniswap-based AMM decentralized exchange to swap IOUs for stable coins or IOU-to-IOU swaps
(IOUtoken Technology for teachers and students - pitch)
SocialFi Community Scoring for Unbanked People
(borrowers and lenders - pitch)
IOUtoken Technology for gamers, guilds and GameFi NFT investors -
IOUtoken Technology for teams and startups
(Socialfi decentralized freelance platform for freelancers - pitch)
(IOUtoken Technology for homeowners)

Interchain reputation system on DisPOS*
teachers and students
borrowers and lenders gaming industry -
for startups

IOUpath - algorithm to find most effective way to exchange one IOU to any another without "central" exchange currency, by using sequence of exchanges 'IOU by IOU'.
Bases on IOUtoken - Soulbound with Feedback
“Soulbound”, #SBT - tokens, that bounds with user’s social profile or gaming profile or government authority

Feedback means… feedback - user, who owns or uses token can enter feedback and rate it!

Developing since 2020:

Scheme of Community Scoring
Bad scenario, broken rating
Alright scenario, good rating
characters by Rudie Strummer
Not a one person’s problem
●According to Word Bank,
40% of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in developing countries, have an unmet financing need of $5.2 trillion every year*

●Getting loans or investments most difficult for micro businesses, startups and self-employed, gap is $718 bln./y

IOU Ecosystem Overview
External users from mainnet can buy tokens IOUT for crypto money via bridge and place orders on exchange.

They can look for other IOUs by keywords in the description and place the buy orders for these tokens.

Borrowers can list their (and anybody's) IOU tokens that they have, on exchange, and make sell orders, in ethereum POA net, with anchoring every block in public testnet.

Users of exchange can place orders for a type of service (as painting, programming, writing, etc).

They pay for placing IOUT tokens, that they have to buy for their tokens or for crypto money.

characters by Rudie Strummer
While anyone can use IOUs the following need them -
1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty, making less than $2 a day. *

~ 1 billion don’t have enough money to use bank services.

1.7 billion people around the world were unbanked in 2017.
User Scenario of Loan With Surety & Audit
Role of auditors
The consensus of auditors determines the rating of the borrower’s profile, based on community rating and additional due diligence.

If auditors rates his/her SureIOUs less than 50%, no insurance given for this deal. If the rating is 50% and over, creditors get proportional insurance, f.e. if the rating is 75%, insurance will be 75% of the loan sum. Insurance pays from auditor’s royalty fund.

Auditors receive payment for work in system tokens. Auditor's royalty as a percentage of the loans, but can’t get until money returned.
characters by Rudie Strummer
Competitive Landscape
● Faster and easy access to loans than banks,

● Cheaper and transparent money than microfinance,

● Scalable model than credit cooperatives.
We offer:
Market Opportunity & Revenue
Potential Addressable Market
Total Addressable Market
Service Addressable Market
Most advanced entrepreneurs in 20% PAM
Prospective market share 20%
Estimated revenue with 5% Fee = $140 mln.
Microbusiness & self-employed financing gap worldwide (by Word Bank*)
Market Strategy
Partner in Africa -
- Uzbekistan
- Kazakhstan
- Pakistan
- Turkey
- Morocco
- Egypt

SE Asia:
- Indonesia
- India

- Honduras
Localization for domestic communities, like credit cooperatives. 2 Partnerships in progress: has agreed to run a pilot program South Africa and expressed to create a IOU India fund.

Also partners in
Business Model
5-10% fee for services arranged via IOU’s exchange

sends to DAO
Our Team
Serg Stepanets, CTO, cofounder Ukraine
Stan Takta, CEO founder Russia
IT entrepreneur since 1997
Founder of 3 blockchain startups since 2015. The president of Moscow chapter Government Blockchain Association.
Jordan Gitterman, CBDO,
Cofounder, USA
Jordan Gitterman has over 25 years of business management and finance experience
As well as an entrepreneur, PhD in medicine & IT with more than 15 years of experience in Ukraine. Expert in ERP systems. Programmer by hands in Python, JS

Partners Advisors

Daniel Thompson
Svet Sedov, Advisor, California
Svet is an angel investor and a serial entrepreneur, who lives and works in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.
Henri Thompson
Group Executive Chairman,
Johannesburg, SAR
General Manager - Trade & Peripherals
Johannesburg, SAR
Dilshod Zufarov
Partner, Uzbekistan
Boris Otonicar, partner, Swiss
Blockchain&DeFi Consultant/Expert
Blockchain Specialist BVS and CBP
Certified Scrum Master, Expert in different Blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda.
Consulting startups in Blockchain and IT issues
Dr Walter Tonetto, Partner, Indonesia
Vice-President The Global Blockchain Application Research Foundation
CEO Venture Capital Association
Q3 2022

Done: IOU dApp v2 on Polygon, Celo, Harmony, MoonRiver, Aurora

Q4 2022

Q1 2023

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

IOU play
Surety IOU
Continue multichain launching :
Start pilot in Zambia
Launch with

What We Need

$310,000 for Q3 2022 - Q4 2022, for

develop IOU exchange and platform and market them

Launch MVP in Africa

Table with Budget

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